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I finished my essay yesterday but

1 Present simple verb/ verb (e)s I 19 plays tennis. If there is an object clause, the time expression comes at the end: I ve gone to bed

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Ap biology water essay rubric

Green scular Plants. AP United States History, exam, and review sample questions, scoring guidelines, and sample student responses. WriteWork, water has many unique properties that make life possible

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Writing a college paper

Philosophy of pain (Philosophy) pages: 11 If you need a savior for your academic studying, I would recommend you this service. Our custom writing service never fails to

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Humans cause global warming essay

humans cause global warming essay

burning of fossil fuels. What is Carbon Dioxide? Farmington Hills: Bonnie Szumski, 2006. This is because carbon dioxide is released during the combustion fossil fuels (ie. More surface area of water is grounds for breeding of disease carrying insects. Also, it is no surprise that with the increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere temperatures have easily reached a new ceiling, in fact, the top ten hottest years of earth's existence have all occurred within the last fourteen years (Guggenheim). According to Princeton University (n.d. Is it man-made or is this just a natural cycle of earth? Melting ice causes the sea level to rise which leads to flooding, heating of the water, increased carbon dioxide levels, and rapid spreading of diseases. The tropics might possibly suffer from a lack of rain causing drought, while other regions may experience excessive flooding caused by rain and melting polar ice caps.

It has been predicted by some that in the next two centuries the temperature is expected to rise by nine or 11 degrees. CO2, however, is not healthy for the atmosphere. Seeing as how the United States alone contributes.3 percent of national global warming, we should have taken that opportunity to begin to control our copious emissions.

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Does an annual (average) increase in temperature of less than a degree actually transfer to a change in daily life? Electricity accounts for thirty eight percent of emissions, transportation thirty one percent, Industry fourteen percent, and the last sixteen percent a combination of residential and commercial and other sources (Carbon Dioxide Emissions). Burning fossil fuels including coal and oil based products releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere increasing carbon dioxide levels. Even a slight increase in CO2 in the atmosphere can cause significant increases in global temperatures. Many scientists now agree that humans largely influence the progression of global warming which in turn affects greenhouse gas levels, glaciers, storms, and the sea. "Carbon Dioxide Emissions." United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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