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Short essay on employment

Do not call in sick unless you are, or take for granted that you can call in a vacation day spontaneously. Data mining techniques and job assignment could

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Apa research paper yahoo answers

Invite those you are not familiar with ask another play director ask a familiar actor for a recommendation. Or, Meek,., Kendrick,. Put a period between the author or

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Essay about beauty of earth

Iron Law of Population. As"d in Cyzevsky, Dmytro. 4 Rap music influences sexual behavior among teenagers. 9 Ethics issues affecting prolonging of peoples lives by scientists. It is

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Causes of illiteracy in india essay

causes of illiteracy in india essay

since decades is another major social issue that doesn't seem to recede any time soon. But the most common cause that is pervasively found in every developing world is corruption. It ranks second in the highest populated category, and 33rd in the most densely populated category. For example, according to an opinion expressed by Phillips in The Phnom Penh Post concerning the turmoil took place in Thailand last year has shown that the bloody protest ignited the 20 percent drop of hotel occupancy rate in Bangkok and 2 percent decrease. There was a large increase of insurgency. In conclusion, in order to achieve the goal in alleviating poverty, the developing country must involve engagement of three important parties: government, international society and the people. Proper management is important. The spread of HIV/aids is one of the most major concerns for developing country. A large sum of collected money is not poured directly into state; however, it ends up in individual pocket, usually the powerful and dishonest tax collectors and officials.

Government and other factors are, of course, leading roles in keeping the developing countries remain poor. A big part of the money received from government and international organisations. He claimed that the money aided by the largest supporter, the United States, to Lon Nol government could only contributed to larger form of corruption in administration and army (Church, 2006). They also points out that factors that encourage drug usage are poverty, unemployment both short and long (MQI,2006).

As mentioned above, corruption is like a cancer. "Why do Poor Countries Remain Poor?.". On the contrary, Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world with a strict limitation to resource even clean water, but since their population is very small so the government can securely supply the foods. I personally think that in a bid to make developing countries a better place to settle in with a minimum rate of poverty, the government should first of all eliminate all form of corruption either in government or private sector. According to Fight Poverty, many people in developing countries survive by agricultural practice, or doing small scale farming in a subsistence form which produces a very limited amount of food supply. The population of India is estimated to be over.27 billion. If needed the conflicting parties could seek international mediation to guaranteed the peace rather than the violence settlement. It is not surprising that many developing countries have worse record of corruption if compared to other parts of the world.

Without qualified education, many people might become vulnerable to exploitable by profiteers or underemployed and unemployed. The money could instead be used to help the poor by improving the infrastructure, agriculture, health care system or to build more schools. The corruption has drained out a large sum of money from national income and international aids. 70 of drug users are unemployed, claimed an article by MQI.